Hubsmith, an innovative cycle hub brand from Taiwan was established in 2010. With over 30- year experience on cycle hub manufacture, Hubsmith performs nothing shy but firm concentration on creative design, high quality material selection, and strict production for the cycle hub and cycle wheelset products. All the production is all proceeded in Taiwan.


Hubsmith covers an area around 1,000 square meters, of which 600 square meters are covered. With 14 precise CNC processing machines, 20 full-experienced hub-production staff working in this neat and well-regulated production line, in 2011 Hubsmith has been assessed and registered against the provisions of ISO 9001:2015, which verifies its high production standards.


With professional and full-experienced hub-smith’s exquisitely craft work, Hubsmith concerns the user experience to design and create the most innovative, proactive, lighter, smoother but durable hub sets that no one has ever thought of yet.


Hubsmith insists on producing high standard aluminum hub sets. We select aluminum 6061-T6~6069-T6 to lathe and mill the hub shell and aluminum 7075-T6 with hard-anodizing processing to make the hub axle, freehub bodies and end caps lighter but stronger. As to the hub design, Hubsmith concerns the user experience to design and create lighter, smoother but durable hub sets with the most innovative and proactive design that no one has ever thought of yet.

like a boutique

Every Hubsmith hub set with delicate design is like a boutique. We specialize in road hub, road hub disc, MTB hub, single speed hub, mini-bike hub, fat bike hub, and trial bike hub.


Our products are not only with exclusive patented technologies, but also from 2012 to 2022, there have been six hub sets gained Taipei Cycle d&i awards (organized by iF and sponsored by Taiwan Bicycle Association & TAITRA): HS-RWC01 (2012), HS-R023 (2014), HS-R035 (2015), HS-R049 (2017), HS-R071R (2020) and HS-R080(2022).